At Last, A Flexible Filler That Moves With You

Wrinkle Treatment Experts and Skin Care SpecialistsRestylane Refyne and Defyne have been FDA-approved since December 2016 and have already shown us amazing results! These two new fillers use an innovative proprietary technology called XpresHAn (pronounced “expression”) that allows them the flexibility to move with your every expression while still performing their job of lifting and smoothing. “Natural” results have reached a new level with these fillers!

Refyne and Defyne are often talked about together, but they are separate products best for separate uses. Refyne is a softer, more malleable filler that is great for fine lines and subtle lip augmentation. Defyne is a thicker, firmer filler perfect for injecting deep into the skin to provide structure and lift to the midface. Defyne is better for those patients who have deeper lines or want more dramatic volume in the lips.

We often use Refyne and Defyne together for comprehensive results. Combination injectable treatments allow us to fully customize a plan for the face and to inject the best product into the best area for unparalleled results. If a patient is concerned about sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds, perioral lines, and thinning lips, we can create amazing results using Defyne to lift the cheeks and reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and Refyne to gently smooth lip lines and add a touch of natural volume to the lips.

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