Put a Spring in Your Step & A Smile on Your Face

Facial Rejuvenation in San DiegoFresh, glowing, natural, youthful… as we age, we want to hang on to these qualities for as long as possible. Luckily, with advances in non-invasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic technologies, it’s possible to keep your youthful features for much longer without needing to resort to a facelift. A facelift can create dramatic results, but it can also end up looking unnatural or extremely obvious that you have had surgery. Modern celebrities stick with non-invasive procedures for precisely this reason – you can look refreshed and youthful without anyone knowing you had anything done!

Here at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we offer a wide variety of minimally-invasive to non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can help refresh your look and take years off your face in a beautiful, natural way. We always have the very latest in injectable and laser technology, and we also offer breakthrough innovative treatments, such as the Silhouette InstaLift, which can lift sagging skin and stimulate collagen production with quick results and minimal downtime.

Our doctors are experts in addressing all aspects of facial anatomy at each stage of the aging process in order to formulate customized, comprehensive treatment plans for each of our patients. Take a look at our before and after photos and you can see the difference yourself!

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