Take 10 Years Off with One Treatment

rosacea reduction lasers san diegoIn this age of safe and effective non-surgical treatments, people have become accustomed to waiting for results following multiple treatment sessions. However, did you know that there’s a way to achieve dramatic results in just one treatment?

We now have more than 45 different lasers and energy-based treatments to choose from. We can combine multiple technologies in one treatment session to take as many as 20 years off your appearance. The fountain of youth is in San Diego, waiting for you at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology.

Laser combinations are a great way to treat multiple issues at once, leaving you with clear, smooth, youthful skin. In fact, laser skin resurfacing with multiple types of lasers can be so effective that it produces results akin to a surgical facelift, but without needing a single incision. IPL and alexandrite lasers can be used together to treat brown spots and sun damage, while Fraxel Dual™, CO2, and erbium lasers can work wonders on stubborn lip wrinkles.

Another incredible combination is laser resurfacing with ThermiTight™ of the neck (see accompanying photo). Forget a surgical neck lift where you will need to spend weeks recovering at home. We can help you tighten and contour your neck while reducing wrinkles and brown spots for a youthful appearance that matches what you feel inside!

We look forward to seeing you so that we may provide you with a customized, detailed plan to help you achieve all of your goals for 2016!

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